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Motorists usually assume AdBlue as a fuel additive, and their assumption leads them to danger. Because AdBlue is entirely different, it is hazardous if it is mixed with petrol or diesel. However, if you have made the same mistake, call our local team in South London for an urgent fuel recovery service.


Most commonly, drivers make the blunder of putting petrol in diesel automobiles. But don’t get fright; often, it can be fixed. And usually crowded cities like South London, drivers get panicked and put petrol in diesel accidentally. But now you have our team in South London; Auto Fuel Doctor can fix incorrect fuelling difficulties in an economical approach.Call Auto fuel Doctor for Fuel Assistance.

Like inserting petrol in diesel, motorists, without knowing, involuntarily mistake inserting diesel in petrol vehicles. When you reside in an area like South London where there is always haste, life is so fast, and everyone is busy, these mistakes become obvious. A company like ours is there for your cooperation; our primary goal is to assist you when you need our help.  Call Auto fuel Doctor for Fuel Assistance.

Most drivers make a mistake of adding Adblue in fuel tank, as sometimes we are in a hurry with our busy routine, and we have so many things running in our mind, so we make a mistake like wrong fuelling. So if you go through the same situation and need the wrong fuel recovery service in South London, contact us; we will be there with a quality fuel drain service team for your help.

Putting unleaded in diesel vehicles is also a usual mistake, like other wrong fuel confusions. This is because an unleaded outlet can comfortably adjust to diesel filter necks. Auto Fuel Doctor is here in South London to protect you from any hazard that can be caused because of Unleaded diesel/ wrong fueling. If you have any queries, please do not delay contacting us on our numbers.

Put the wrong fuel in your car?

Have you added petrol in diesel engines or vice versa? Have you gone to the wrong outlet while you were on that call from the job? Don’t panic, as there have been many similar situations. What’s done is done, but now it’s time for you to find a solution as fuel-contamination ruins your vehicle with each passing minute. Our fuel drainers take on average 40 minutes to fully drain the wrong fuel from your car’s fuel tank. Auto Fuel Doctor wrong fuel drain technicians are reported to arrive on the scene with the vehicle within an average of 30 minutes. This means we can have the wrong fuel in your car recovered and the car up and running within an hour of you putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle wherever in South London.

Fuel Services

Are you in search of fuel removal services in South London? You are at the right place. Auto Fuel Doctor can perform all kinds of fuel removal services efficiently.


Do you know what our primary goal is? Customer safety and satisfaction. After the complete removal of contaminated fuel, we refill your car so you can go home smoothly.

Fuel Disposal

Contaminated fuel can be hazardous for your car, and its disposal is critical within time; for fuel disposal services, Call Auto Fuel doctor.



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